3 Dining Room Furniture Upgrades

3 Dining Room Furniture Upgrades

There are many new styles when it comes to the dining room table set. The idea of a room crowded with big furniture has been replaced by functional elegance that you can find at a luxury furniture outlet.

New Styles At The Table

  1. Bench Seating. A formal dining room table often has large, heavy chairs that squeeze your guests, making it difficult to maneuver through the room much less get out of your seat. Replace those heavy chairs with a long bench seat, and you can maximize the quantity of seats by allowing people the freedom to crowd in but still move about. Low in profile and easy to store under the table, the bench seat is a great way to add more comfort, space, and style to your dining room.
  2. Extended Tables. The idea of a large cumbersome table leaf that pops out and stores in the linen closet until needed is gone. Now, most tables have built-in extensions that fold under and away or pull out and expand. It’s easy to make your table longer to accommodate more guests, and then you simply collapse the system back to make it small again.
  3. Low Serving Bars. Most grandparents have a floor to ceiling china hutch that holds ancient sets of fine dishes, the good silver, and holiday linens. While these are still beautiful features in a dining room, more modern versions are low or counter height with wide surfaces for holding food to serve. The storage is still there, but instead of using the most room for displaying fine pieces, these new storage bars offer more functionality.

Hosting large meals for holidays or celebrations is a wonderful way to connect with loved ones. Make the most of your space to really create the intimate gatherings you want with the most comfortable furniture styles you can afford. Look for any of these updated pieces at luxury furniture outlets to refresh your dining room.

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