3 Easy Ways To Care For Fabric Furniture

3 Easy Ways To Care For Fabric Furniture

We’ve all seen the throwback pictures joking about Grandma’s sofa covered in plastic, the shrine awaiting visitors to the living room. It’s unrealistic to keep furniture around without using it, but no one wants guests to sit on a stained and dirty couch. Far from a layer of plastic to protect your furniture, you can do much to care for fabric furniture and preserve your pieces.

Easy Steps To Care For Fabric Furniture

It’s natural for new furniture to age with use, but it doesn’t have to look old or worn. With some basic care you can perform throughout the year, you can preserve the look and quality of your fabric furniture.

  1. Flipping Cushions Weekly

Over time, fabric will wear thin from repetitive actions in the same spot. Simply moving cushions around or flipping them over can improve the life of your couch. The same concept applies to chairs – the cushion and backing may be turned over, minimizing the wear and tear.

  1. Monthly Vacuuming And Brushing

Fabric collects dirt which can dull the colors or matte the fibers of your furniture. Regular vacuuming removes dirt particles and restores the loft to the fibers. Even brushing with a lint roller will remove hidden dust or materials which can embed and deteriorate the quality of the fabrics.

  1. Annual Professional Cleaning

Annual professional cleaning services can extend the life of fabric furniture. Professional services use solvents and special cleaning tools to brighten the colors and revive the original tuft of fabric. You should also spot clean in between service appointments to tackle spills immediately before they permanently stain your fabric.

When you decorate your home with luxury furniture from a fine furniture outlet, then you should keep your pieces looking their best. With regular care for fabric furniture, you can restore your furniture to its original look.

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