3 Steps For Wood Furniture Care

3 Steps For Wood Furniture Care

Sometimes, luxury furniture pieces are more like fine art than just functional objects. When you buy beautiful wood furniture, you’re getting craftsmanship that defines luxury furniture. The artistic quality of fine wood furniture is anything but ordinary, yet a little regular care keeps these pieces in good condition.

Why Wood Requires Routine Care

The beauty and aesthetic of your wood furniture will last if you care for the pieces, and therefore it’s important to understand wood care so that your furniture endures and looks good for years. Not all wood is alike, but general wood care practices will preserve your furniture and extend the life of the piece.

How To Care For Wood Furniture

Wood care takes a few simple steps to protect the surface and keep your fine furniture looking its best. You’ll need a dedicated stock of soft cloths or, best, a chamois, and some simple products on-hand for your wood care.

  1. Dusting. Like most surfaces, your wood furniture will collect dust over time. However, the sheen and luster of wood is greatly reduced by dust, so you’ll want to regularly wipe down your wood furniture. There are mild dusting products that are safe to use, but the best option to preserve the health of the wood is to use a soft cloth and cold or lukewarm water. This will remove dust without leaving any residue behind.
  2. Polishing. Natural woods dull with use and from air or sunlight, so keep them looking bright with periodic polishing. Most wood surfaces are sealed to preserve the wood, so use a gentle formula to restore the luster and sheen of the surface. However, watch out for wax or oily solutions that could build up or streak.
  3. Rotating. Another important factor to care for your wood furniture is rotating the pieces to change exposure to sun or air. Both elements will alter the color of your wood, so periodically moving your furniture away from a light source or turning a piece so that another side faces the wall could keep your wood looking uniform in color.

Wood Furniture To Fit Every Room

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