Maximize Sofa Seating | Sofa Room Placement

3 Tips And Special Considerations When Shopping For Sofas

Designing a space or choosing the right luxury furniture means taking the time to place it properly so you don’t overstuff a room or struggle to get comfortable. With a few considerations, you can enjoy your room without sacrificing space or luxury.

Settee Direction

Beautiful, luxury furniture for the living room can’t beat the L-shaped sofa that wraps around and allows seating for everyone. When you choose this type of sofa, be sure to consider the room and which side the settee will extend into. Typically, you can choose the side the settee will branch from, either the right or left. This will matter because the length of the settee could open the room or cut off space.

When you shop for fine furniture, ask about the options for facing the settee into the room.

Window Sills

The long, lean lines of a modern sofa look luxurious when defining a wall, but be aware of the windows in the room. If the wall against which you’ll place the sofa has windows, be careful about the height of the sofa back. While you don’t want to block a window, you also don’t want someone to lean back and strike their head against the window sill.

While many sofas are straight and long, look for luxury furniture designs that offer a variety of shapes for the sofa backs which might make it easier to place against a wall with windows.

Room Flow

The idea behind room flow is to follow the flow of traffic and observe the practice of a room to best fit furniture. You want there to be a seamless flow as people enter, choose a seat on the sofa, and maneuver the room. If you have a large sofa, these are ideal anchors for a room, but then consider pairing the sofa with mobile coffee tables to avoid boxing in the leg room.

When you choose fine furniture for your home, you want to maximize its design and style, so make sure that the room works for the size and shape of your luxury furniture pieces.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

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