3 Tips To Care for Stone & Marble Furniture

3 Tips To Care for Stone & Marble Furniture

When you display furniture in your home that’s sourced from nature, then you are creating a beautiful and classic style meant to last. Stone and marble are durable materials, resistant to many of the elements that nature throws at them. They will function just as well in your home, able to withstand many of the day-to-day activities that make these fine furniture pieces functional as well as stylish.

Tips To Care For Stone And Marble

While strong and sturdy, these natural materials are also porous, meaning they easily absorb liquids into the surfaces. It’s important to watch your treatment of these luxurious furniture pieces and provide special care to make sure they stay beautiful.

  1. Protecting Surfaces. When you serve from marble or stone sideboards, or when you offer guests places to rest their drinks on these counter bars, you’ll want to lay fabric down as a barrier between anything damp or dripping. Using runners as covers and coasters for drinks will make sure that your fine furniture will function as well as look luxurious.
  2. Preserving Luster. Like wood, there is a gleam associated with stone and marble furniture that captures and reflects light. The deep tones of these natural materials will display veins or color variations when kept clean. Also similar to wood, gentle cleansers exist that will remove any dirt, dust, or residue likely to interfere with the luster. Look for natural paste wax that will absorb into the pores and resist moisture.
  3. Keeping Dry. When you clean marble and stone, it’s acceptable to use just a soft cloth and water but be sure to dry with another soft cloth following the wipe-down.

Finding the Right Stone and Marble Furniture

The natural elements of stone and marble lend luxurious furniture pieces a sense of uniqueness and a depth of quality. Each piece naturally occurs, meaning designers incorporate unique qualities such as natural imperfections found in the material into their design.

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