4 Types Of Entryway Tables That Make A Statement

4 Types Of Entryway Tables That Make A Statement

As the first impression when guests enter your home, the entry way is an often-over-looked area that serves more function over form. Instead, consider making your front door a gateway to your home that reflects luxurious style with fine furniture. With some careful shopping for discount prices, you won’t need to worry about the cost to your wallet.

  1. Wooden materials. Look for high quality wooden tables in finishes like walnut or mahogany with decorative trim and high-gloss finish. Many ornate tables will have hand-painted trim and outlines that trace around the curves or bevels on the edge, lending a sense of artistry to the piece. Look for legs that show craftsmanship and classic style, or make a bold impression with modern, geometric shapes.
  2. Glass and Metal. Narrow or very small entry ways work great with luxury table pieces made from glass or mirrors. A sleek glass table in a long rectangle shape or a glass-box top over metal legs captures attention without taking up space.
  3. Unique Shapes. Half-round tables work great to anchor a wall design or artwork in the entry way. Whether photographs or art pieces hang above on the wall, a half-round table works wonders to frame the space and define the area as an eye-catching place to stop and take notice.
  4. Bigger and Bolder. Statement pieces pop in bigger entry ways that give room to breathe to larger tables. Longer and larger than a desk, these are fine furniture pieces intended to be functional. With drawers or doors that have shelves behind, these can be optimal storage spots for a variety of items or seasonal accessories that need a place inside once you return home.

No matter the style of your residence, every home has a front door and therefore, an entry way. Give your entry some attention and don’t spare style for cost. Discount prices for luxurious furniture exist, and a single table may be all you need to make your home’s entrance into a grand feature of your home.

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