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5 Common Luxury Fabric Terms

Do you smile and nod when talking with an interior designer about upholstery and fabric, but inside you’re thinking “I have no idea what any of this means”? Want to better understand what written descriptions about furniture mean? Tell a brocade from a damask?

Use this handy cheat sheet of 5 common upholstery fabric terms to start broadening your knowledge of home décor and upholstery fabrics!

5 Common Upholstery Fabrics

If you have trouble telling one fabric from another, you’ll appreciate this list:

  1. Brocade is a richly decorated fabric, often appearing embroidered. Brocade is usually made of silk with raised designs. Elaborate floral designs are a hallmark characteristic of brocade. Brocade is not a reversible fabric. The backside is messy, full of threads that make up the pattern.
  2. Chintz is a plain weave cotton fabric that is printed in multiple colors, sometimes with a glazed finish. It is sometimes referred to as “polished cotton”. This finish makes chintz easy to care for and clean. In upholstery, floral chintz patterns are common. It has always been a popular component of English Country or English Manor looks.
  3. Damask is a patterned fabric of contrasting satin and duller materials like cotton, silk, or linen. Damask is reversible, but on the reverse side, colors appear opposite of what they are on the other side, though the pattern is the same. Damask is a thick fabric, often used in curtains and structured accessories.
  4. MATELASSE. This is a double-woven cloth that produces a quilted effect. It is taken from the French word matelassé which means “quilted, padded, or cushioned”. Despite its’ name and appearance matelassé is not padded. It’s a very elegant, yet comfortable, fabric.
  5. Mohair is a highly desired wool-like fiber that is renowned for its luxurious, soft feel, high luster, and extreme durability. It is a natural fabric made from Angora goat hair but is not itchy as wool can be. Think of plush, luxurious opera seating and you can envision Mohair fabric.

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