Caring for Fine Glass Furniture

Add Sparkle And Shine To Your Glass Furniture With This Easy Maintenance Routine

There is just an elegance to glass furniture that makes a statement no matter the type of piece or room for which it’s meant. Furniture made with glass elevates décor to a new level of classy and sophisticated, so it’s a great choice. Therefore, make sure to keep the look sparkling with some simple glass care and maintenance.

Why Glass Needs Maintenance

Fingerprints and smudges easily mar the surface of a sparkling glass piece of luxury furniture. The beautiful shine and light-catching details of glass work best when they are kept clean. However, functional furniture means you’ll have hands on it frequently, so include regular cleaning to keep it looking bright.

Even if your furniture is only for display purposes, it’s easy for glass to lose its shine when dust collects on the surface. Just a light layer of dust will prevent the reflection from truly shining. You’ll want to keep a regular cleaning schedule for these fine furniture pieces even if they don’t experience much use other than adding to your room’s design.

The best way to maintain glass is with a surface cleaner and a soft polishing cloth. There are many formulas for glass cleaner from which to choose, but there are two main categories.

Types of Glass Cleaner

All-natural glass cleaners use a solvent made from natural substances like vinegar to cut through the residue left by smudges and fingerprints. These solvents have a type of natural acid, like citrus that will easily remove the oils or greasy residue left behind from hands, foods, or beverages placed onto it.

The other type of glass cleaner uses a stronger, chemical-based formula that includes ammonia. The levels of ammonia may vary, and the brands come in different strengths. The property of the solvent is the same as it will also remove the oils and grease from the surface of glass.

Both types of cleaners work to remove dust because they spray a light mist which clings to the dust particles, allowing you to wipe them away quickly.

Process To Maintain Glass 

Regardless of the type of cleaner you choose, both work as a spray that leaves a fine layer of solution over the furniture. Then, simply wipe with a soft cloth to wipe away the dust or residue. It’s also a good policy to return for another wipe across the surface to remove any excess moisture that may dry and streak.

The ease of glass furniture maintenance makes it an excellent choice. Find your fine glass furniture today at Right@Home Luxury Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL. You’ll see these jewels of the living room or dining room sparkle from afar, or we can we can even work with you to match your style and pair your ideas with manufacturers to source just the type you want.

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