Adding Style And Function With A Luxurious Seating Area

Adding Style And Function With A Luxurious Seating Area

If you have a little extra space in your home, consider setting up a small, luxury seating area. High-back, upholstered chairs, a small table and a little rug complete the set. Angle the chairs towards each other, place a small sized end table between them, and set everything on a small area rug to define the space.

Creating Form And Function

These seating areas accommodate many different styles, but here are a few ideas that also give your space some purpose:

  1. The Reading Nook. Find a nice wingback leather chair, a deep color stained wooden end table, and a plush rug that feels good on bare feet to create the perfect reading corner. If you have space near a window, instead of plopping down a planter, create this reading nook easily with discount luxury furniture. Add a soft wooly throw and some magazines to the table, and voila! You have your comfy reading space.
  2. The Coffee Chat. Sleek accent chairs with fun patterns can make a coffee chat space fun and welcoming. Use a round, mocha stained wood table as an homage to the coffee shop, and you have mimicked the feeling of a friendly café where friends will want to sip java with you all day. Place everything onto a low-pile carpet in a modern neutral, then grab some mugs, find unique coasters for your table, and add a little soft music for the total coffee house effect.
  3. The Phone Hub. With cell phones, it’s easy to talk anywhere, but why not create a unique space at home where you can sit, relax, and designate the time for a true, full length conversation? Find a few club chairs, a thick iron cast table and a shag rug to muggle sounds of talking, and you’ve taken the phone booth to an elevated, luxurious look right at home.

Depending on the size of your home, these little arrangements of key pieces of luxury furniture work in just about any room–large kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and basements can accommodate the simple pieces.

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