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Benefits of Indoor/ Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

If outdoor carpeting brings to mind ticky-tacky plastic faux grass, then it’s time to adjust your thinking. Outdoor products have expanded from the days of wrought iron and wicker to become something much more luxurious and capable of pairing with fine furniture. Where Carpeting Works Best When you decorate with indoor/outdoor carpeting, you’re not limited. […]

3 Tips And Special Considerations When Shopping For Sofas

Designing a space or choosing the right luxury furniture means taking the time to place it properly so you don’t overstuff a room or struggle to get comfortable. With a few considerations, you can enjoy your room without sacrificing space or luxury. Settee Direction Beautiful, luxury furniture for the living room can’t beat the L-shaped […]

Key Considerations For Placing Large Area Rug

Staring at that old flooring under your dining room furniture or stained carpeting beneath your living room furniture won’t make it go away. When you’re not interested in covering the whole surface with new materials, consider fine furniture accent pieces like large area rugs. No matter your taste, fine furniture accent pieces will supplement and […]

Follow These Sofa Savers To Enjoy Your Furniture

The living room furniture has notoriously been Off-Limits, with children and pets kept at bay from the pristine sofa, never daring to sit on its cushions lest they leave a mark. When you care to put fine furniture into your home, you want the pieces to endure, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Go Large When It Comes To Rugs

Large rugs make beautiful backdrops for living rooms and even dining rooms. So why don’t more homeowners opt for this piece of luxury furniture? Too many times, the pattern and size of this large-scale home décor intimidate owners who fear making a mistake with such a big purchase. However, there is much more to feel […]

Finding The Right Couch To Fit Your Family

The number one gathering place in any home is the living room couch, a space where everyone comes together to relax. Pillows, throws, and remotes scatter the surface of a well-loved couch, and each member of the family claims a spot. With such an important role to play, don’t forgo quality. Look for fine furniture […]

Winterize Your Home With Fine Furniture

Fall is here, and darker winter days are just ahead, so it’s time to head indoors. Make sure your space is ready for entertaining or just hanging out during the winter months when you’re doing more inside. Find comfortable, fine furniture that will create a cozy feeling throughout your home. Digging In For The Winter […]

Express Your Zest With Sam Moore Fine Furniture

When you’re ready for an updated look, then you’re looking for the name Sam Moore, fine furniture that has delivered trendy and classic designs since 1940. The fine furniture from Sam Moore delivers fresh styles and comfortable, top-quality furniture in hundreds of fabrics, leathers, and colors to make your home feel airy and new. Take […]

Luxuriate In Beautiful Leather Seating That Endures By Randall Allen

Leather seating for contemporary or traditional room designs is the pinnacle of style and function. The artistry of Randall Allen’s craftsmanship and the performance of their designs over time create luxury pieces that are not only elegant but comfortable. Leather As A Building Block For Style The beautiful leathers of a Randall Allen luxury furniture […]