Benefits of Indoor/ Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

Benefits of Indoor/ Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

If outdoor carpeting brings to mind ticky-tacky plastic faux grass, then it’s time to adjust your thinking. Outdoor products have expanded from the days of wrought iron and wicker to become something much more luxurious and capable of pairing with fine furniture.

Where Carpeting Works Best

When you decorate with indoor/outdoor carpeting, you’re not limited. Patios, decks, or sunrooms can be carpeted and provide a softer style to these exterior or transition spaces. And, it doesn’t have to be plastic green grass—many colors and fibers exist.

Indoor/outdoor area rugs have a place indoors as well. Basements benefit from this type of carpeting that is easy to sweep or care for. Whether used as an extra family room, children’s playroom, or recreation center, adding carpeting can transform the space into something functional as well as stylish.

Designing Your Outdoor Room

When you create an outdoor space, you don’t have to limit yourself to a picnic table. Think of the outdoor area as permanently as you would an interior room, complete with furnishings and décor. The range of products meant to survive the elements come in all styles today, and you can create a luxurious looking space in a sunroom just as you do with luxury furniture in a dining room.

The outdoor area rug anchors your exterior space so that you can build style on top. Like a foundation for the décor and room, the area rug sets the tone and defines the space. When you use an area rug outdoors, the same holds true. Meant to weather the elements, an outdoor area rug is easy to maintain and more comfortable than feeling the slats of the deck or rough cement of a patio.

The outdoor patio or deck has become an extension of the home, in many ways adding another room to the blueprint. Adding a luxury rug to the floor in these spots elevates the area to something on par to your fine furniture sets in the living room.

Functional Luxury Rugs

When you need carpeting that can withstand all types of wear, explore the wide range of indoor/outdoor rugs that make it easy to carpet exterior or transition rooms. Visit  Right@Home Luxury Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL. We can suggest rooms that work for indoor/outdoor rugs to make a luxury room from a functional space.

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