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Essential Steps To Care For Leather Finishing

Without proper attention, your luxury leather furniture will show its age. Dull, shabby leather furniture is the opposite expression of the sophistication and class that comes from fine leather furnishings. With a little extra time spent caring for the leather, your furniture will look timeless.

Preserving The Surface

  1. Avoid Window Seating. Leather is durable, but stress on the surface can degrade the quality of the leather. Direct sunlight exposure from a window may cause the leather to shrink or stretch as the temperature shifts, leading to worn spots or color distortions. Make sure to lower window coverings to block direct sunlight or add stylish throws as accents to cover exposed areas when your leather furniture sits below a window.
  2. Condition With Leather Products. Over time, leather fades or cracks, leaving unsightly blemishes on your furniture. Prevent surface damage like this with conditioning products that keep leather supple and preserve its sheen. Oils and lotions will fill in cracks, plumping the material so that the surface resists further damage. Also, colors stay truer with these products because they reduce the friction that causes fading.
  3. Follow Proper Cleaning Guidelines. Like all furniture, leather will look its best when clean. Dust can settle onto leather furniture and dull its sheen, so regular vacuuming will improve the overall cleanliness and shine of the leather. Harsh or chemical cleansers work to breakdown the leather, so only use water-based products for light cleaning. Leather can stain and requires professionals to repair, so leave stain removal to them.

Leather Will Last When Cared For Properly

Leather furniture enhances the style of your home and represents an elevated sense of taste. Preserve the sophistication of your luxury leather furniture by preventing any wear-and-tear which might cause your leather to look shabby, ruining the elegance of your decor.

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