Fine Furniture Shopping Tips | 7 Signs Of Quality

Fine Furniture Shopping: 7 Signs of Quality

If you’ve been disappointed in the durability and quality of your past furniture purchases, it’s time to learn how to spot a quality piece of furniture that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Furniture Signs Of Quality

Furniture is a big investment – both in terms of time and money and in the image your home presents. Use these tips to identify fine furniture that will stand up to years of use.

  1. Wood. Look for furniture made from actual wood, not laminate or MDF. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees and softwood comes from conifers. Either are acceptable for the structure of a piece, but for exposed wood, go for the harder woods; they resist scratching and denting better. Softwoods tend to be knotty which may provide you with the look you want, but knots also tend to split. Keep that in mind when shopping.
  2. Materials. Cheap materials equate to cheap furniture which won’t last. Avoid pieces made with paperboard, melamine, laminates, MDF, cardboard, staples, and light-weight foam.
  3. Integrated joints. Avoid pieces that require you to assemble them with allen wrenches. Quality furniture will have wooden joints integrated into the frame components, reinforced with screws and glue.
  4. Craftsmanship. Hand-tied coil springs, cotton filling, high-density foam, and down fillers are all signs of quality. The more parts that were assembled by human hands, the better.
  5. Go natural. Natural fabrics hold up better and last longer than synthetics. Stick with linen, cotton, and wool, when possible.
  6. Test it out. A great piece of furniture will feel comfortable from the moment you sit or lay on it. Skip anything that needs to be “broken in” to become comfortable. Look for high-density foam cores. For tables and desks, push on it, wiggle it. Make sure it holds up to pressure and doesn’t sway or buckle.
  7. Made in the USA matters. The best pieces are manufactured close to their areas of distribution. Items made in the U.S. or Europe are always of better quality than anything made in China.

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