Fresh Designs From Bernhardt Arriving Fall 2016

If there is one thing Bernhardt Furniture is known for it is creating high-quality furniture that people love. 2016 is no exception as the furniture designer has reimagined classics in fresh, new ways. Here are a few styles coming out this fall that we can’t wait to see in person.

Pared Back Design With Luxurious Touches

2016 saw Bernhardt explore pared back designs with a touch of classic luxury. These modern styles incorporate crystal, organic metals, and natural animal skins to bring a bit of the natural world inside. The feel is definitely one of living in harmony with nature, but in a modern way. Hector, Levine, Isaac, Perez, and Madigan are some of the styles that feature this fresh design.

Feminine Surprise

There’s always room for a feminine touch and Bernhardt knows this. Soft, delicate, romantic are some of the words that can be used to describe this year’s pieces. Bernhardt’s unique spin on these feminine pieces is their contemporary and young feel. Pretty upholstery and expressive design attract young buyers who want a light and feminine feel to their furniture. Explore Bernhardt’s Savoy Collection to see more of this style.

Statement Pieces

Fine furniture manufacturers and buyers love statement pieces. Bernhardt has added pieces to several lines that can best be described as modern art. Geometric and abstract shapes and shiny metal come together to form furniture that doubles as a modern art sculpture. Personality is plentiful in these pieces found in the following styles: Silvain, Chilton, Sasha, Leigh, Linwood, and Barcelona, to name a few.

Natural Neutrals

Neutrals never go out of style. Bernhardt has updated these classic colors with natural materials, patterns, and fabrics to create a sophisticated rustic feel. Exquisite styling combines with a laid-back mood for an understated yet dramatic look. Gender-free looks fit right into any home décor. Styles include: Palma, Goodman, Newbury, Wyman, and Hadleigh.

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