Global Views

Global Views

Global Views Brand Story

Based in Dallas Texas, Global Views is a renowned designer of home furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories. The company’s products are conceptualized by a leading collective of designers in the brand’s Texas office and manufactured by production partners around the world. The Global Views brand stands on the tenants of thoughtful construction, classic design, and a notable international influence. The partner company to Global Views Studio A Home, was founded over ten years ago in 2005. With a complementary product line to Global Views, Studio A focuses on hand-crafted pieces produced from premium quality materials found around the globe. The partner brand strives to introduce pieces endowed with meaning and unique characteristics. Through its years in the furniture and home decor industry, the brand has distinguished itself as a leader in creating eclectic, unique designs with singular flair. No matter the setting, Global Views home decor, lighting, and furniture brings effortless elegance and a heritage leaning to any room.

The Global Views Product Line

Global Views offers a unique and expansive selection of home decor, furniture, and lighting. For creating a tranquil and well-styled bedroom, the brand offers beds, bedside chests and dressers, decorative pedestal tables, and media cabinets. Ideal for placing in living rooms, hallways, or foyers, choose from a variety of seating options. The company produces chairs, love seats, sofas, and stools. For a place to set books, decor, or other small items, the brand offers trolleys, side tables, and coffee tables. Global Views home decor brings plenty of options for accessorizing any interior. The brand offers art glass pieces, candles, candlesticks, barware, sculpture artwork, trays, wall decor, mirrors, office accessories, and more. Select items from the decor inventory bring utility to any room, while other pieces are purely decorative and can help to showcase a thoughtful sense of style. Popular pieces from the brand include the Global Views vase designs and Global Views Sunburst Mirror. To make any room cozier, the brand provides highly decorative pillows and rugs that are as comfortable as they are stunning. From table lamps to wall sconces, the company produces a select inventory of Global Views lighting fixtures.

The Global Views Aesthetic

Global Views varied inventory includes furniture, lighting, and decor, making it easy to carry a consistent and seamless look through every room. Pieces from the unique brand are eclectic, but typically share the unifying elements of being highly decorative and opulent in appearance. Blending both traditional and modern motifs, the sense of a far-flung, collected aesthetic carries throughout the entire Global Views furniture and decor inventory. From detailed textures to eye-catching metalwork, Global Views pieces captivate attention in any setting. Linen and velvet furniture pieces feature gentle curves, mixed materials, and rich jewel tones. Lighting products feature details ranging from crackled mercury glass to brass plated frames. Decorative accents from the brand embody a breadth of popular historical decorative trends and themes, meaning there are products to appeal to any home aesthetic tastes. Art piece materials range from glass to metal to wood.

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