The Great Cover Up: Designing With Luxury Area Rugs

The Great Cover Up: Designing With Luxury Area Rugs

If you want to make a room design come together, look for an anchor piece of furniture. These one-of-a-kind pieces unify the room by establishing the style. An easy way to find an anchor piece is to shop local luxury outlet furniture stores for an area rug.

4 Ways to Incorporate An Area Rug

  1. Oriental Rug. If you want an instant statement of elegance and class, put down an ornate Oriental Rug. The beauty of the design and the full, rich patterns make these area rugs the king of the carpets. These types of rugs work very well as the carpeting for wood floors in large spaces, such as a formal dining room or living room.
  2. Patterns as Neutrals. It may seem counter-intuitive to use a pattern as a base color, but there are some area rugs with a subtle or large enough pattern that add color without adding clutter to your decorating scheme. It’s okay to put pattern on the carpet without matching the whole room to the design on the rug. These types of patterns act as background to your furnishings, and they do not stand out.
  3. More than One. There is not a rule that states only one area rug per room. As a matter of fact, you might create several different groupings in one room by anchoring the spaces with area rugs. The rugs will break up the space and define each different group. For example, a smaller rug with two club chairs and a little end table between them can make a sweet sitting space in a corner while the main room holds a larger rug for the living room set—all in one room.
  4. Avoid the Island Effect. When you want to include an area rug, the standard designers’ function for a rug is to integrate with the furniture. There is a tendency for area rugs to become an island in the middle of the room, and the furniture gets place around the rug and against the walls. Instead, the furniture should be on the rug and grouped together for a luxury designer look.

Any area rug will create a sense of order for a room by defining its space. With a range of designs and patterns available at luxury furniture outlets, an area rug exists to fit your style.

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