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Henredon Fine Furniture Endures In Beauty And Quality

There are those whose eye will catch details and absorb the meaning behind them, understanding the level of effort that it takes to create such artistic nuances. The Henredon fine furniture collections speak to this artistry by combining quality manufacturing with incomparable handcrafted details that create one of a kind pieces.

The Art Of Henredon

The custom quality pieces of Henredon fine furniture collections will thrill the homeowner who has the heart of an art collector, someone excited to obtain a unique piece that displays the beauty of hand work. Meant to appeal to an elevated level of taste, the Henredon furniture collections bring sophistication and styling to today’s homeowner in functional pieces that will endure.

Unique Pieces For Every Room

Whether wooden pieces or upholstered construction, all of Henredon fine furniture pays attention to detail. The collections feature hand-applied finishes, special veneers, accent materials, and construction techniques that define these pieces as elements of true craftsmanship that will catch the eye of any beholder.

The beauty of Henredon furniture collections is also the ability for these pieces to fit any room of the home, from the living room to bedroom. Spanning popular historic eras to modern-day minimalism, it’s just a matter of personal taste from which of the many collections to choose. The following is just a smattering of the many styles available from Henredon:

  • Castellina– The pieces in this collection are rustic and refined, hosting delicate carvings set off by a distressed finish to make these fine furniture pieces resonate with style.
  • Dean Collection – Like it’s clean, sturdy and timeless namesake, Dean, these pieces are an update on traditional styling with modern finishes. Whether it’s hearkening to a classic like James Dean or a modern aesthetic like Dean Cain, the pieces in this collection are handsome and strong.
  • Modern English – The beauty of 19th Century English designs, the rosewood and custom champagne nickel finishes exude historic opulence, but the updated, fresh take on these luxury pieces will keep it squarely where it belongs in today’s modern living.

Pick Your Pieces To Create Your Look

At Right at Home Furniture, we will help you find the right pieces of luxury furniture from Henredon to create the look you want. Come explore the Henredon collections available at our fine furniture outlet.

Visit Right@Home Luxury Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL. If you can’t choose from the options available, we can help you refine your choices and select the type of Henredon pieces that match your preferences.