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History Of Excellence Meets Contemporary Tastes with Drexel-Heritage Collections

The superior design and timeless beauty of the Drexel-Heritage furniture pieces represent the quality that comes with every piece since 1903 when the company began. Known for refined elegance, the name Drexel-Heritage is associated with luxury furniture pieces throughout history, whether the look is traditional or contemporary.

Versatile But Always Quality

The Drexel-Heritage fine furniture pieces match a variety of styles, and collections are available for almost every room in your home. However, there is a common denominator throughout all the collections, and that is the ease of beautifully crafted furniture pieces that comes from years of experience providing top-quality work.

From bedrooms to home offices, living rooms, or dining rooms, Drexel-Heritage fine furniture pieces are built to endure and anchor your home’s décor. Styles range from traditional to transitional and modern, matching any design aesthetic and taste-level.

The following are just a few of the collections that represent the broad range of styles:

  • At Home in Belle Maison – High-end elegance inspired by French design, this collection is rich in detail and luxury, meant to be appreciated for its fine art aspects as well as functionality.
  • Giasana – True fashion connoisseurs will see at a glance the couture glamour of the geometric, curvy, and linear pieces striking poses in your rooms that are meant to glean attention.
  • 24 Willow Crossing – Not all luxury looks come with accoutrements; some are luxurious in their lean and sophisticated simplicity, standing out for their natural appeal to the eye and versatility to blend into any room design.

The Perfect Match

When it comes to designing a room, a line that encompasses a variety of styles and pieces makes it easy to find the right match for any tastes. The Drexel-Heritage fine furniture collections offer styles for any pallet but quality craftsmanship throughout all the lines.

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