Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Go Large When It Comes To Rugs

Key Considerations For Placing Large Area Rug

Staring at that old flooring under your dining room furniture or stained carpeting beneath your living room furniture won’t make it go away. When you’re not interested in covering the whole surface with new materials, consider fine furniture accent pieces like large area rugs.

No matter your taste, fine furniture accent pieces will supplement and enhance your style. You’ll find the right large area rug to complement your decor. However, all rugs are not the same when it comes to staying in place.

Important Rug Placement Considerations

The comfort of carpet comes from the pile, the height of the fibers, but it also matters which material you use to pad the carpet. The following are basics to working with fine furniture rugs:

  • Padding Layer. Padding is a layer between the flooring and the rug, and there are a few considerations to take when you choose the right padding. If it’s too high, then there is a tripping risk, but no padding can cause tripping if the rug folds up or moves. The right padding will offer comfort as well as grip for the rug.
  • Stopping Slippage. There is nothing worse than a rug that buckles or constantly shifts. You’ll drive yourself ragged trying to smooth it out, and it becomes just one more maintenance issue you need to address. To avoid straightening your area rug all the time, make sure your padding has grip. Some padding is just foam, but you’ll want one with a coating of slip-resistant material like rubber or silicone.
  • Surface Material. Luxury furniture like rugs often enhances the look of a living room, and they work great to dress a painted concrete floor or cover worn wood flooring. However, concrete and wood surfaces differ when it comes to hardness. You will need much more padding to cover concrete than wood which is softer.

Choosing The Right Rug

From ornate to plain, you can find the right fine furniture area rug to suit your home. You can find one that is luxurious and sophisticated or simple and natural. Fine furniture like large area rugs will offer selections that come with the right layer of padding and slip-resistance for your needs.

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