Light Your Way With Lamps From Our Fine Furniture Outlet

Light Your Way With Lamps From Our Fine Furniture Outlet

Rooms don’t have to be static places that never change; make your spaces more dynamic with lighting features. In most houses, overhead lighting is meant to be bright and reach all corners. However, a room can change its look by using lamps to highlight features of the room or just light certain areas. In a way, lighting can accent design and elevate a simple room to something more dramatic.

Three Ways To Use Light For Effect

  1. Dramatic. Dim lighting makes for a dramatic feel. When only portions of the room are lit, the other areas gain a sense of mystery and stoke curiosity—what’s over there? Think about thin, metallic lamp bases with smaller bulbs and modern lamp shades. Geometric shapes like a cube or narrow rectangle cast light in a column, limiting the lighting to that area only and creating the drama you seek.
  2. Relaxed. Filling a room with lamps that emit only a soft light creates a romantic or relaxed atmosphere. Think about small lamps on a mantle, round, plump lamps with large oversized shades sitting on an end table, or a lazy, soft-light lamp that reaches out from behind a couch and drapes over the sitting area.
  3. Artistic. Sconces or sentry lights on a console create bursts of light that make a room feel intense and purposefully draw attention. Some sconces shine light upward and downward, allowing you to make a play of light on a wall. Smaller lights that rotate allow you to highlight a feature of the room like an art piece or sculpture. Posting two of the same lamps on a console makes for an attention-grabbing set that draws the eye because of the dual qualities of symmetry and brightness.

No matter the type of room or amount of space, lighting can alter the look of a room. With lamps from our luxury discount outlet, you can find a variety of light sources to create the effect that you want. Without going beyond your budget, you can alter the very feeling of your home with the addition of lighting.

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