Randall Allen Furniture

Luxuriate In Beautiful Leather Seating That Endures By Randall Allen

Leather seating for contemporary or traditional room designs is the pinnacle of style and function. The artistry of Randall Allen’s craftsmanship and the performance of their designs over time create luxury pieces that are not only elegant but comfortable.

Leather As A Building Block For Style

The beautiful leathers of a Randall Allen luxury furniture are thoughtfully sourced to find only the best soft, top-grain leathers from around the globe. The effort put into finding the right material shows as these leathers actually look better over time.

The aging process of the leather on a Randall Allen piece matures and deepens in a way that builds character and further comfort into the piece; rather then breakdown or show wear, the leather of a seating piece from Randall Allen ages into the design and makes the piece seem even more luxurious.

Versatile Pieces For Any Room

Whether you prefer a modern style of bench seating or love the tradition of an Old English den, there is a Randall Allen luxury furniture piece to fit your taste. When you need seating in a room, look for one of these from the Randall Allen collection

  • Build A Better Office Space. Nothing will make you feel more productive or exude the power of your position like a Randall Allen executive office chair. Revel in the ability to get work done in your home office while feeling like you’re Top Dog.
  • Relaxation Never Felt So Good. When you’re creating a living room space where you can relax, then you’ll want Randall Allen lounge chairs to cradle you and soothe you with softness. These chairs make the perfect accompaniment to a room meant to chill and engage in light conversation or read your latest book.
  • Elevate Your Hangout. Why go out when you have your own bar at home to entertain friends? Set up your home as the local hot-spot and punctuate the look with Randall Allen bar stools to make the room feel authentic and sophisticated. You’ll have to send everyone home because no one will want to leave their seat!

Finding The Right Piece

From sofas and loveseats to recreational seating throughout your home, you’ll have options from which to choose with Randall Allen luxury furniture collections. At Right at Home Furniture, we will help you select the right seating for your home. Visit us at 520 W. SR 436, Altamonte Springs, FL seven days a week to browse our Randall Allen collections of luxury furniture.