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Luxury Furniture To Add Total Character Or Punctuate Designs with Lexington Fine Furniture

If you’re the type who wants to adopt the latest innovations and take advantage of trends, then you must explore the Lexington Furniture collections. This brand is forward-facing and fashionable, a luxury furniture name that is beloved for their break-through styling that appeals to those who seek upscale looks.

Flexible For Any Room

The fine furniture collections from Lexington Furniture have something for any room in your house. From bedroom furniture to office furniture, the styles and designs work to create a unique, distinctive look to your home.

Lexington pieces exist to transform your bedroom into a modern boudoir while also taking your living room from tired to modern. There are also pieces that will hearken to the more traditional sensibilities and invoke the timeless beauty of classic designs should you want to moderate your palette and tone down the volume of the designs without sacrificing style.

Design Styles For Anyone

From traditional to contemporary, the Lexington Furniture collections offer exceptional designs that will reflect your personal sense of style at the highest levels of quality.

  • Shadow Play – There is depth in the shadows, and this collection draws from the blend of casual and contemporary to create pieces that are always fresh with clean lines in a relaxed taupe gray finish for sophisticated ease.
  • Carrera – The hues run darker in this more dramatic collection, deepening the shadows to more smoke gray pieces in a contemporary design, adding rich fabrics and dramatic hardware to complete the look.
  • Coventry Hills – Demonstrating the range inherent in the Lexington Furniture brand, this staid collection captures traditional designs in rustic cherry wood. The slightly, gently distressed look and hand-burnished to a medium autumn brown finish create a warmth that resonates with longevity and a sense of endurance that only comes from timeless pieces.

Finding The Right Lexington Furniture Fit

When you’re ready to pump up your home décor with Lexington Furniture pieces, visit Right@Home Luxury Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL. We have the types of fine furniture from these eclectic and timeless collections to fit your style.

Visit us at 520 W. SR 436, Altamonte Springs, FL seven days a week for a selection of fine furniture for every room in your home from Lexington Furniture.