We Now Offer Premium Reclaimed Wood Furniture – We Think You Will Be Impressed!

Reclaimed and sustainably wood is the latest trend in furniture manufacturing and Right@Home Fine Furniture Outlet is the only store in Orlando to have premium quality reclaimed wood furniture for your home!

Sustainably Sourced

As consumers seek out eco-friendly options in just about every aspect of their lives, furnishings haven’t been forgotten. Fine furniture has always been made from the best selections of wood available at the time. Now, those selections are being found in reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood.

Reclaimed wood is wood that has had a previous life. Maybe it used to be part of a shipyard or building. Now, it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture that has been weathered and aged to perfection – just waiting for a place of honor in your home.

Sustainably sourced wood is wood that comes from a sustainably managed forest. Growth and harvesting in sustainably managed forests are tightly controlled. They are managed specifically not to damage the local eco-systems, watersheds, or wildlife. You’ll find furniture at Right@Home that comes from plantation-sourced birch, elm, fir, sheesham, acacia, and other aged woods.

Sustainability doesn’t stop at the harvest. Sustainable wood products are often treated and stained using eco-friendly methods too. Our pieces have all been stained with an eco-friendly, water-based lacquer that was safe for workers to breathe in and handle.

Timeless Beauty

Just because reclaimed wood is “used” doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for rustic or shabby chic decors. On the contrary, reclaimed wood furniture has just as much gleam, shine, and the premium look and feel as fresh wood pieces, but with the added benefit of a unique and one-of-a-kind appearance. No two pieces are exactly the same but they all offer timeless beauty and character that cannot be replicated by any manufacturing technique.

If you want an ageless piece that commands attention, you cannot go wrong with our reclaimed wood collection.

Visit Right@Home Fine Furniture Outlet To See These Beautiful Pieces For Yourself

The only way to experience the true beauty of reclaimed wood furnishings is to see them in person. Visit Right@Home Fine Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL and shop our collection. We’re certain you’ll find a piece you love!