The Ottoman: It’s Much More Than A Footrest

The Ottoman: It’s Much More Than A Footrest

No matter the style of your couch, there is an ottoman that will be your best accessory. Ottomans are practical, stylish, and versatile luxury furniture pieces to accompany any living room set. Find one at a fine furniture outlet to add some panache to your room.

Shapes Of Ottomans

When you look for ottomans at used furniture stores, expect to find shapes such as circles, squares, or rectangles. Keep in mind the type of couch you own to determine the right shaped ottoman for your room. L-Shaped sectionals are great for rectangular or square ottomans, and the love seat and couch combo work superbly well with a round ottoman, tucked neatly into the space between the two.

Uses Of Oversized Ottomans

An oversized ottoman adds a few great functions to your living room. For one, an ottoman is great for adding additional seating to a room. If you offer your couch to guests, you still have a place to perch. Kids love them, and they make a great seat for these littler guests. Also, if you have the right type of tray, your ottoman may even double as a coffee table. The tray may be a spot of design if you add some mosaic to the bottom or find an ornate piece at a luxury used furniture outlet.

Styles Of Ottomans

Pretty much any type of fabric is found on an ottoman, but a few are better to serve the multi-functions of this piece of furniture. Leather is a great choice for its durability and flat surface to host a tray. Tufted ottomans work great as a piece of textured furniture that might put some punch into your living room style. These also work well to hold trays or hide wear. Finally, a nice textile holds up well on an ottoman and makes for a comfortable and stylish look.

No matter the use of the ottoman or the style you choose, they make great accents to a living room. They are also small enough that you could easily transport your find from the fine furniture outlet store to your home with very little effort.

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