Pick Your Style: Top 3 Types Of Couches

Pick Your Style: Top 3 Types Of Couches

You’re ready to buy a couch, and it’s a commitment; this is a large piece of furniture that will set the tone for your living room. It may be hard to sort through all the options available at a luxury discount furniture outlet. Let’s breakdown the top 3 types of couches that fit your style before you begin your search for fine living room furniture.

Something For Everyone

Couch styles vary in size, fabric, and color. When you learn the differences between the styles, you can scan the luxury fine furniture outlet for your type of couch and home in faster to find your couch.

  1. Traditional. The traditional sofa is large and fills the room. It has a wide stance that takes up space, and will be stuffed full or over-stuffed. The materials that are considered traditional are brown leather or plush fabrics, and some will have metal accents like studs or piping along the seams. A traditional sofa is a one-piece straight line as opposed to a curved or L-shape.
  2. Modern. There is a geometric quality to modern couches. They will have long lines, right angles, and narrow profiles. These couches usually blend into the room, making the room feel lighter and airy. The modern style is lean, and the feet of modern couches are typically made of metal. Materials to look for in a modern couch are black or cream-colored leather, gray or beige microfiber, and white fabrics. Modern style couches will also be more likely to come in sectionals or pieces that fit into different configurations.
  3. Retro. There’s nothing like a comeback; the vibe of retro is to celebrate the past with updated versions of older styles. For retro couches, look for shorter, smaller pieces made with velour, textiles, corduroy, and bright shades of orange, green, yellow, and maroon. Some may have wooden arms or legs, and they sit low to the ground.

Outlet furniture stores will have plenty of couches in stock, and you will find a variety of each style to browse. No matter your taste, there is a couch to match your sense of style and create the look that you want at a low cost.

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