Simple Techniques For Keeping Lacquer Furniture Clean

Simple Techniques For Keeping Lacquer Furniture Clean

Fine wood furniture surfaces are popular because they showcase the wonder and beauty of Nature. In a small way, when you bring home a piece of luxury wood furniture, you get to keep a little bit of nature’s majesty. The fine grains and depth of luster in wood connect you to the natural world in ways that particle board and laminate just can’t do.

Most fine wood furniture with a lacquer coating will work great as functional as well as designer pieces. Lacquer adds sheen to the wood and preserves the smoothness of the surface. Your guests will certainly notice your gorgeous, lacquer-coated wood serving buffet!

Caring For Lacquer Coated Furniture

The nice part about a lacquer surface is the ease with which you can clean it. The lacquer does the job of sealing in the luster of the wood, so you just need to keep the coating free from dust or smudges.

  1. Regular Dusting. Perform regular dusting with a soft dusting cloth that will trap the particles without scratching your lacquer. Look for soft cotton or chamois that will attract dust and avoid rubbing dirt into your surface. Start a regular routine once-a-week to remove any dust buildup.
  2. Avoid Spills. Lacquer protects the surface from immediate stains from liquid, but prolonged exposure will cause lacquer to dim in those areas or cloud. Be sure to use serving ware, planters, and liners to protect the lacquer from anything you might place onto the furniture. If something does spill, clean the spill immediately with a soft cloth.
  3. Cleaning Smudges. Lacquer will attract fingerprints or other smudges, so you’ll want to collect some cleaning supplies appropriate for the material. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or sponges and continue to use soft cloths only. Then, add a touch of mild dish soap to remove oils that might linger from fingers or general use of your fine furniture.

Cleaning Lacquer Ensures Long-Lasting Luxury Furniture

When you own wood furniture protected by lacquer, you’re acquiring a piece that will endure. Wood has long-lasting properties that make ideal furniture for stands, dressers, buffets, and more, and when you care for the lacquer, then you add years to the furniture for an even longer life-span.

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