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Staying At Home Doesn’t Mean Boring—Build An At-Home Bar To Entertain Friends & Family

With the rising costs of entertainment, more people opt to just stay home, but they’re not missing out! Instead, most people find innovative ways to socialize and entertain at home with some creative room ideas.

Invite Friends To Your At-Home Bar

Easier access to media and films has turned the living room into a theater, and now affordable furniture from luxury outlet furniture stores has turned the basement, dining room, or any nook space into happy hour! Set up your home for cocktails and drinks with fine furniture for a home bar.

  1. High Top Tables. Find a few high top tables at a luxury furniture outlet, and you instantly create a space for friends to gather. Add a long high top for a bar space to serve from, and put another, smaller table top nearby so friends can mill and sip while hanging. A few candles, great music, and no one will want to leave!
  2. Stools For Seating. Turn any counter or high top into a casual place to hang with friends with some luxury outlet furniture like swivel or saddle stools. They look great and function well to add ambiance to your at-home-bar. Find some with a back, and you’ve upped the class and comfort of your space so that your friends just might show up in cocktail attire!
  3. Lounge Chairs Section. A good bar or classy pub includes a lounge space with cozy seating and low tables. Create your own with luxury outlet furniture finds like low leather club chairs arranged around a small round coffee table. Put some clever coasters on the tabletop and your friends will stay to chat, sip, and relax all night.

Design A Classy Bar Space At Home

Staying home doesn’t mean sweatpants on the couch – dress up, entertain, and socialize in your own home the same as when you’re at a upscale bar. Create the right zone for drinks and friends with luxury outlet furniture, and you really stretch your entertainment budget far.

Collect pieces for your classy home bar at Right@Home Luxury Furniture Outlet in Altamonte Springs, FL. We carry new varieties of fine furniture that will build your bar with style. We can even work with you to match your bar to suit your taste and pair your ideas with manufacturers that make those types of pieces.

Visit us at 520 W. SR 436, Altamonte Springs, FL seven days a week to make an entertainment bar space with everything you need to appeal to the late-night crowd.