Why Metal Is A Modern Design Choice For Fine Furniture

Why Metal Is A Modern Design Choice For Fine Furniture

Gleaming sterling silver or chrome furniture makes a statement and these luxury furniture pieces are showstoppers! The beauty of their construction is the durability and modern aesthetic, fine furniture that will still make your rooms’ style pop.

The sheen of metal furniture makes it ideal for catching light and adding to a clean, fresh look. Modern rooms carry these fine furniture pieces well because the overall design of these credenzas, end tables, or coffee tables is minimal and chic, words that describe the modernist style.

The best part of metal furniture is the maintenance – super easy cleaning makes this luxury furniture a pleasure to own.

Simple Cleaning Tips

Metals like chrome or stainless steel hold luster, a deep shine that comes from reflections off the surface. Therefore, the cleaner the surface, the more light reflects. To keep the polish of your pieces, follow this simple routine:

  1. Wipe-down. Fingerprints or drink stains can mar the surface shine of your pieces, so use a soft cloth to wipe down your metal furniture after using. Also, dust can interfere with the luster, so wiping with a cloth regularly will remove any coating of dust which will cause your metal to appear dull.
  2. Wash. Sometimes, spills occur or heavier grime collects on your metal furniture pieces. When this occurs, continue to use a soft cloth, but add water to break through the build-up and wipe it away.
  3. Cleanse. Metal is forgiving of cleansers as long as you avoid anything abrasive. Using a mild detergent like dish soap to add some suds will break down sticky residue or stubborn smudges.
  4. Special Considerations. If you want to include polishing liquids into your routine care for stainless steel, many name brands offer formulas that wipe on, massage away dirt, and leave behind a shiny surface. Also, in places with salt air, watch for erosion or pits in the surface and wipe over the surface more often.

Basic Beauty And Easy Care

The joy of chrome and stainless steel luxury furniture is the ease of its beauty and care. These pieces stand out, but you won’t have to fuss much to keep them in great condition.

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